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Dear Dr. Brown,

When I first started seeing you it is hard to recall how bad I felt because there is such a night and day difference! I had been suffering for months of extreme mood swings, lack of energy, and hormonal problems, I was always hungry and just felt like life was slowly being sucked out of me. Not to mention the anxiety and paranoia attacks that I was dealing with almost daily, they are now few and far apart. I had been to several doctors and my Ob/Gyn looking for answers, but they had none, and tried different birth control pills with disastrous results. The first visit with you I knew that I would get some help, because you spent at least an hour getting my history and symptoms and asking me questions when you needed further clarification. With your skills and education in Nutrition Response Therapy and NAET, I have had a dramatic improvement in how I feel everyday. At first I was worried about the expense, knowing these types of treatments are not covered by insurance, but the drastic improvement in how I felt and knowing I wouldn’t be addicted to any drugs whether prescription or not was worth every penny! Dr. Brown please feel free to share with others how you have helped me so they might rest assured that you can help them on a better path to health also.


For at least four years I had severe fatigue, muscle weakness, joint pain, irritability, horrible PMS, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and unexplained hypothyroidism. I was so fatigued that it was a struggle to do daily activities. I was in my twenties but I felt like 120. The doctors that I saw had no explanation for my symptoms other than depression or my work schedule. I found Dr. Brown’s website in a local magazine and decided to try the Nutrition Response Testing. I really had no idea what it was, but I was willing to try just about anything to feel better. Using muscle testing, Dr. Brown found that I had gluten intolerance along with some other issues that no other doctor had ever looked into or mentioned. Within the first week of treatment and changing my diet I began feeling much better than I had in many years. Four months later I feel so much better. I have no joint pain, I sleep through the night and wake up feeling good, and I have the energy to do all of the activities that I had once enjoyed.


In March 2006, I was finishing my master’s degree of nursing and working full time in the hospital. My lifestyle was that of a married college student with a high stress load and type ‘A’ personality. One morning I woke up to see millions of floaters and blurriness in my eyes. Although alarming, I assumed my contacts were dirty or I spent too many hours at the computer.

With rest and new contacts, my symptoms did not improve and I went to the eye doctor. Without an answer, he sent me to a specialist. The retinologist gave me a diagnosis of uveitis, an autoimmune eye disorder. Although I couldn’t see clearly, he said I was ‘lucky’ to have no pain or retinal detachment.

There is no cure; only treatment of the inflammation with steroids. Thus began a regimen of oral steroids with a series of seven steroid shots in the affected eye for the next three years. I felt very depressed and defeated because no one could see what I saw each day and no one could relate to my symptoms. In extremely high doses, the steroids eliminated most of the floaters and blurriness. However, as soon as I stopped them, each time my symptoms returned.

I read an article about acupuncture helping with inflammation, so I tried it about one year into the steroids. Thankfully, acupuncture helped quickly, but my symptoms returned with a week. Thus began a weekly appointment with acupuncture. I would have breakthrough symptoms throughout the three years between the shots and acupuncture. The senses like sight is a gift most take advantage of or don’t think to be thankful for it. The experience surfaced fears and tested my faith.

With my questions and doubt, I found Dr. Brown. I first came for acupuncture and was very resistant to Nutrition Response Testing(NRT). She was patient and gave information at each session. In Sept. 2010, I gave in. In diving into NRT, I realize that was my answered prayer. NRT and the information Dr. Brown has given me has been life changing. Within days my vision became clearer with fewer floaters. Each session with Dr. Brown was an opportunity to learn about my body. With changing supplemental doses and good food choices, I feel healthier and stronger. It has been very hard, but it is such challenges that are most rewarding.

Dr. Brown is a great teacher, motivator and listener. My vision today is stable and I haven’t had acupuncture in 6 months or a shot in a year. NRT is my answered prayer and I can now fully appreciate the process. More importantly, I can see my son’s smiling face each day.


“I went to see Dr. Brown after a lifetime of suffering from allergies and sinus trouble. After 2 sinus surgeries, I was still having to get on antibiotics regularly and had gotten to the point where I was almost immune to them. I was also suffering from fatigue, low energy, digestion issues, and back pain.

After seeing Dr. Brown for one year, I have been able to get off of allergy shots and nasal spray while also lowering my prescription allergy medicine to half the dose. I have not suffered from a sinus infection once, and have been able to seldom use conventional medications.

Through proper nutrition and supplementation, I now also have much more energy and seldom suffer from fatigue. My digestion is great and my stomach rarely gets upset like it used to. Also, my lower back pain has subsided. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and if you follow Dr. Brown’s advice…you won’t be disappointed!

-Rebecca H. Miller & Morgan Keegan

When I came to see Dr. Brown I was very sick. I was suffering from severe nausea on a daily basis, diarrhea, migraines, several intestinal issues, and had lost 30 lbs in 4 months unexplained. I had been to several GI doctors and they all told me I had IBS and gave me a bunch of medicines that did NOT help!!! Dr. Brown helped me discover that I am allergic/intolerant to Wheat and Gluten, and several other issues. I have been seeing Dr. Brown for one year now and have NEVER felt better!!!! I am now at a healthy weight, I have energy, I sleep good at night, and I even look better! My life has dramatically changed thanks to Dr. Brown! Thank you Dr. Brown


Ever since I was a little girl, I would periodically suffer from skin rashes. While the rashes themselves were annoyances, the worst part was not knowing their cause or how to prevent them. All of the doctors I saw tried to treat the symptoms but couldn’t care less about figuring out what was causing the rashes. My latest struggle went on for 5 weeks and after creams, antibiotics, anti-fungal meds and steroids the rash would not go away. Frustrated and with no answers, a friend recommended I see Dr. Brown. At my first visit, Dr. Brown discovered I had an intolerance to wheat. So, I cut all wheat products from my diet and started a supplement therapy. Well, two days later my rash was completely gone and my skin has remained clear since then. Not only did Dr. Brown help me with my skin issues, but I have also lost weight, have fewer headaches, and now have more energy. I can’t thank Dr. Brown enough for helping me figure out what was causing my rashes.


When I had my first appointment with Dr. Brown I guess I would consider myself a real mess. I had tried so many different programs, diets and health fads over the 60+ years of my life that I thought this was the way I am supposed to feel. Like most guys my age and background I was somewhat skeptical at first. But, because of her passion and enthusiasm for what she does I decided to make an appointment for the first consultation. At that first consultation I was told up front what my physical health issues were and what I needed to do to confront them. I knew she was right but I did not want to believe it or do the steps necessary to get healthier. But the more I met with her and the more she began to treat me, the more I knew what needed to be done. So one meeting after the other she began to peel away the layers of traditional conditioning and emotional scarring. She helped not only discover what my physical needs were but also the emotional needs that were keeping me from being successful. She was determined not to give up on me so I was determined not to give up on her. After many months of non-compliance on my part she finally got me to the proper emotional point where I was able to eliminate wheat from my diet. That made a substantial impact on the way I felt but I was still not meeting my weight goals. After many more months of non-compliance on my part, she again finally got me to the emotional point where I could eliminate processed sugar from my diet. That is when real differences began to take place. I have lost 30 lbs in four months and have stayed compliant with my supplements. I have goals to drop more weight but let it happen naturally by keeping wheat and sugar out of my diet and staying compliant with the supplements my body needs. My bloodwork is better and I no longer have mid-afternoon crashes. My blood pressure is good and my heart rate is good. I plan to be Dr. Brown’s “poster boy” for what can happen if you let her treat you, stay compliant with the supplements and follow her directions.